Hudson Fire Department
Hudson Fire Department K-9 Search and Rescue
(formerly East Texas K-9 Search & Rescue, Inc.)
is an all volunteer non-profit organization formed
in 1996 that utilizes both people and dogs to help
locate missing and lost persons in the greater East
Texas area or anywhere we may be called to serve.
We serve Law Enforcement to give them trained
man power in the case of a search at no cost to
them.  Our team's operating guidlines allow us to
only take call-outs from Law Enforcement officials
or other search teams.

  So, who makes up the Hudson Fire Department
K-9 Search and Rescue?  People just like you!  All
with a common goal to "bring em home".  Members
come from all walks of life to form a team dedicated to training for the unfortunate event when we receive that
unexpected phone call.  That call normally means leaving our jobs or families to help someone else's family.  Many
of our call outs end before we even leave the driveway en route to a search.  This is a positive note meaning that
the person has been found and our services are not needed.  After all, we would rather be called out and not needed then needed and not called out.

  Most may not consider the extensive training and skills that a member is expected to become proficient in.  How
much training does it take to look for someone?  Just some of the training includes Search Tactics, Map and Compass Reading, First Aid and CPR, Lost Person Behavior, Communications, Search Management, Incident
Command Systems, Man Tracking and Crime Scene Preservation along with other subjects.  The training does not
stop there.  Members spend time both in a classroom as well as outdoor training such as mock searches to give
everyone a sense of reality.  Outdoor seminars are encouraged and new members are required to pass the National
Association for Search and Rescue test within eight months of joining the team.

  That brings us to the Stars of the team.  The Dogs.  How do we use dogs to locate people?  Consistent training
often from an early age by the handlers often yields a dog that is mission ready in about a year.   Many people want to know the best dog for SAR but there really isn't one.  Mixed vs Pure Breed is not necessarily a question
but working breeds such as German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Dobermans, Labrador and Golden Retreivers,
Rotweillers and Border Collies are some of the more common ones seen.  Dogs are as individualistic as humans
are and not every dog will make a SAR K-9.  But don't forget the handlers.  They have to go through all the afore-
mentioned training for themselves, purchase equipment and take care of vet bills and unkeep.  Search and Rescue
is not inexpensive.

  Hudson Fire Department K-9 Search and Rescue operates on small purse strings relying on out-of pocket expenses from it's members, public donations, the annual car show and grants to continue service to the community.  We were recently able to purchase a vehicle for conversion into a mobile icident command post to
better coordinate searches.  Your monetary donations will help us acquire needed equipment and training and
to provide Child Identification Kits at no cost to the public.
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